Considering being branded

After a year and half of this unbranded blog (not quite that long I guess) I think I may reverse course. The idea to be unbranded was a statement against confining myself to one thing or gimmick. I’m Jason. Not just Jason the artist, the songwriter, the designer, the developer, the blogger etc. But then, those 5 things I just listed…that is what I am…or rather, that’s exactly all I want you to know about me. I didn’t want to compartmentalize my various aspects in different places.  I wanted them to live under one roof, this website. That is very convenient for me. However, a few of these things can’t really thrive in an unbranded space like this. Namely design and music. My design partnership with my wife has been branded for a few years now and the benefits of doing so become more apparent every day. I am slowly ramping up on music making and hope to be able to release something packaged to the world soon. That will require its own brand. So I’m willingly fragmenting. I think it’s the only way to find audiences. Just because you’re a fan of my increasingly infrequent blogging is no guarantee that you will like my music (and so forth). More importantly, music can take on a life of its own in the public sphere. It needs to be visceral and focused. Because I’m willfully fragmenting it makes me think I should reign things in here too. But then, maybe not. I like this blog having no rules except my whims.

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