Everything is easy but the problem is time

It dawned on me a few years ago that everything is easy. By that I mean everything is accessible. Thanks to Google and WikipediA everything is knowable. And now with Facebook and Twitter everyone is reachable. In my professional design career the tools have evolved to the point where I not only deliver the aesthetic but I can also provide the function without being an I.T. specialist. In fact there’s so much access now thanks in large part to open technology and it’s respective movements. 

Earlier this year I needed to acquire some new development skills. I did. It was, dare I say, easy? All the knowledge I could ever need to plug into was waiting for me on the web. I met my goal of gaining skills and even more conceptual possibilities opened up for me in my work process. I’d proved my hypothesis. Everything was easy. Or was it?

In the earlier part of the year when I’d made these resolutions we’d just returned from a year of travel. I was fermenting with ideas. The economy was in the dumps so work was slow to pick up. I had time. Soon after the skills were acquired our work utilizing those skills became in demand. My learning renaissance came to a halt once I needed to poor hours of concentration into real working solutions. I’ve come to realize that while everything may indeed be accessible (I’ll stop saying easy) it’s certainly not all doable. 

Time is an unbelievably precious resource. We all know this but many of us, including myself, are guilty of undervaluing it. To do all there is to do is of course impossible. To acknowledge that one may not be able to do even a fraction of what one wanted is hard to accept. Even when there is time there is not enough of it.

I am disciplined enough to do one thing at a time. Things definitely are accomplished that way. But not everything. I’m still holding onto goals and ideas from a decade ago. I do know that time can certainly be made (with great sacrifice). In my case the necessity of earning a living usually monopolizes my time. But a few years ago we accelerated that necessity with the ultimate goal of buying the time not to have to work for a year and use the time for travel. I write this from a floating house in the middle of the Amazon as caymans smash around on the river under us. I’m incredibly grateful that I have had the time to write it.

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