How much my music earns for digital Streams

I’ve had the unpromoted album “Soul Food” by my old band Japan Seoul available for streaming for quite some time. There’s been some interesting discussion about how little artists make off of streaming. Damon Krukowski stated he’s taking in $0.004611. I, an artist without a label (or any fans for that matter), seem to be doing better streaming than the great Galaxy 500. Below are the latest digital streaming returns from Spotify, Rdio and Rhapsody. It’s interesting that I’m getting nearly a penny per stream with Rhapsody, while Spotify is paying out the least. Rather unfairly, CD Baby counts sales to iTunes as digital distribution sales. Thus it’s hard to get a total accounting of how much I’ve made in total on these records purely streaming. I can say to date that with two records on CD Baby (Japan Seoul “Soul Food” and Music For Girls), one since ’07, I’ve made a total of $38.72. I do believe that a large chunk of that is from streaming because Soul Food had been on Spotify and Rhapsody for years before I was even familiar with those services. I certainly don’t mean to complain. I’m glad the stuff is out there. The truth is I never promoted these records when they were new. I’ve got an EP in the oven and I do plan on putting a much greater effort to get that one heard. Without further adieu here’s some recent streaming data from CD Baby.

More Spotify (to show mysterious price fluctuation for streams):

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