The music of Jason Paul

I’ve written (and co-written), possibly, hundreds of songs. Below is music that I’ve released into the world through the proper distribution channels. More to come!

Japan Seoul

My band in 2007. I was the lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, producer and principal songwriter. There were six of us. David Rozner—drums, DaVe Lipp —Sax, Jesse Blockton—lead guitar, Tris McCall—keyboards, Matt Hyams—Bass. The album was recorded, mixed and co-produced by Travis Harrison at Serious Business Studios, NYC. All the songs were essentially played live in one or two takes.

(Available on Rdio, Spotify, iTunes, CD Baby and more)

Music For Girls

I was the guitarist and songwriter. Wendy Chin – vox/songwriting, Cil Song – drums, K. Thor Jensen – bass, Evelyn Lee – synth. Also a shout-out to Melissa Hsiung who was an integral band member prior to this album’s release and co-wrote “Honey”. This album was first released in June 2006. It was recorded and mixed at Serious Business Studios by Travis Harrison.

(Available on Rdio, Spotify, iTunes, CD Baby and more)

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