The State of Digital Music: The Rdio Conversations

David Crompton I’m not sure why you think that either—interesting notion. I’d like both though [commenting on iOS apps and Google indexing.] 3 weeks ago

Jason Paul I’m a bit disappointed that this thread is not indexed (findable) by Google. I don’t think that would be the case if Rdio opened up commenting on their iOS apps (not sure why I think that but it makes sense to me). Anyone with inside knowledge? 3 weeks ago

Jason Paul While we’re talking about other music services…any thoughts on SoundCloud? I like some things about it but I feel much of its implementation is a mess. As a music maker I find it useful for sharing music. But as it also tries to be a social network it seems really lacking something socially 3 weeks ago

Jason Paul But what I really came here for was to gripe about Shazam. This is some pretty frickin cool technology. But the package, marketing and business plan is just stupid and cheesy. I realize they need to turn a buck to keep going, but now I’m getting Shazam ping ads? I’ve never gotten a ping ad from any other app before. If Shazam could find ways to make the core functionality even more useful to me maybe I would just consider paying for it. But it seems like they’re invested in invasive marketing techniques instead. Specifically I wouldn’t mind an open API for Shazam that let’s people make widgets off of the data you’ve Shazammed. Like a widget in my site that tells people the music out of the air. Seems like they’ve ceased to innovate beyond what it does. 3 weeks ago

Jason Paul I was deeply saddened about steve jobs. The undistiputed king of user experience and device design. I still have to draw a line in the sand regarding Apple and music. I love all things Apple with one exception. I hate iTunes and I think it’s still on the way out. 3 weeks ago

David Crompton Yeah–you’ve got free with a listening cap every month… 3 weeks ago

fangoguagua What is up?! I have not resubscribed but… I just noticed this at the top of my window: “You’re listening for free on Rdio.” And I now can play whole songs, not samples, and I can make playlists! 3 weeks ago

David Crompton So now the free begins down there. Should change the state of digital music, as well. 3 weeks ago

Nohbdy Did anyone mention that Steve Jobs passed away on Oct. 05? Lost his battle with Cancer.

Figured I should post it here since it will probably affect the state of Digital music… 3 weeks ago

fangoguagua I ended up with Rhapsody only because their free trial included mobile and Rdio’s didn’t. Musically it’s been fine but no discovery and just now adding social features which look like they will take years to get where LaLa was. Checking back in here for those aspects. In the little I’ve looked around It seems like for some older catalog stuff Rhapsody has some things Rdio doesn’t. Sometimes the other way around though. Just got this email also btw: “Your Rhapsody experience just became a whole lot more social. Now your friends on Facebook can see what you are listening to as you listen. ” But thankfully at the end: “If you don’t want to share your music on Facebook you don’t have to do anything, your listening history will not be shared without your permission.” 3 weeks ago

maudeman Rhapsody did a make-over a few months back; better but still in the dusty category, and Napster’s makeover last year made it worse. Subscribing to one of those made sense a year ago, as Rdio’s catalog was so weak then, but Spotify makes a lot more sense than Rhapsody as a backup/alternative. 3 weeks ago

Jason Paul wow thanks @maudemen. I completely missed that. It’s almost as if Rhapsody, despite being one of the first music subscription services is becoming the underdog. Anyone use it? I made my Rdio choice based on design and Rhaposody looked old and dusty so I passed on it. 3 weeks ago

maudeman Rhapsody to buy Napster, “for a song” according to the WSJ. 3 weeks ago

4 thoughts on “The State of Digital Music: The Rdio Conversations”

  1. Great post and comments!

    Right. So… Is Rdio the Future of Music?

    The problem with these sorts of “x is the future of y” discussions, particularly where technology is concerned, is that x always changes the nature of y. Because of this, you can never quite arrive at point y.

    I see Rdio and it’s ilk bumping into a few issues shortly that run along these lines:

    1) The closer these services get to delivering on the promise of offering “almost everything” in the world of music, the more they will underscore what isn’t offered. Put another way, how much music needs to be available to make up for the fact that what you want to hear right now isn’t?

    2) Part of the appeal of these services lies in the social aspect, which presently is built on the enthusiasm of early adopters and music nerds. The tone and quality of the social interaction will change as more users sign on. Will Rdio still be compelling?

    3) Rdio is presently a novel way of trying to monetize music in a time where monetizing music is difficult. It’s an experiment that is occurring concurrently with other experiments at trying to resuscitate the monetization of music. A verdict will be reached. Recent high profile releases by Coldplay, Black Keys, Tom Waits — to name a few — are not present on Rdio. Presumably this is because posting on streaming services is viewed as possibly undermining the success of other channels, both experimental and traditional. Is this the start of a verdict being reached? Will this assessment be shared by others?

    Just a few thoughts.


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