The State of Digital Music: The Rdio Conversations

This is a point in time I’d like to see government regulation of this sort of thing. To the Guardian’s point, just because you own your domain, you should not have the right to do anything you want, just because someone clicked an “agreement” box. For starters, there should laws about full transparency, an easy way for anyone using a service to opt in and out at will (including deleting all info when someone asks to cancel their account — if you know anything about customer databases, this info never gets deleted — the status just changes to “inactive”…Lacey Underall you are in the system forever now, sorry), and full accountability for not complying.

And if you heard the recent Fresh Air show about internet worms, you must realize even if FB has no criminal intent, by gathering such enormous amounts of valuable info, they are making themselves a huge target for the many criminals out there stealing data. FB will be the data cash cow of all time — so how do you know all this info is secure? Besides amassing it, what effort is FB throwing at protecting it? 4 weeks ago

CC Longboards @JP – That FB Website stalking thing is pretty scary. 4 weeks ago

Lacey Underall @tod nelson– I think my issue with Facebook is that it doesn’t feel like a fair contract. shares my listening info. with others, but I not only authorize them to do it, that’s exactly why I signed up for it. The information they gather is necessary to achieve their stated purposes.

But more and more, I’m being forced to share my contacts and activities with Facebook as the price for doing something that has nothing to do with Facebook.

I want to stream music on Spotify. Or play DJ with my friends on Or leave a comment on a website. None of these things are related activities, nor do they have anything to do with the original purpose of Facebook. To me, it’s Spotify that I want, not Facebook. Facebook is the price I’m forced to pay.

I feel like I volunteer to share my info with I feel like I’m being strong-armed into sharing my info. with Facebook. I probably wouldn’t have a problem with Facebook if they just teamed with Last.FM to publish my Last.Fm feed. At least there would be two separate DB’s and two separate accounts that would only be linked if I wished. 4 weeks ago

Jason Paul Ok, here’s another article from RWW about the implications of FBs soon to be released timeline. If you were already paranoid about privacy on Facebook this is going to tip you over the edge: You will be able to have Facebook track every single site you visit and add it to your timeline. This is a watershed moment for the web. Incredibly useful if you think about the App possiblities. Incredibly frightening if you think Facebook is like a “Big Brother” 4 weeks ago

CC Longboards I am with you on your first post Tod, FB can be used to increase the success of this music site which we all like. It is an option here which is good but a necessity if you use spotify and also quite ineffective as a music collaboration tool. For the most part I think it is nice to converse on music but be relatively discrete otherwise. I would be happy for FB to get my listen info because maybe I will find out about some good concerts near my sheltered location, Paris might know what I am talking about. But using facebook might give people the impression that I am on facebook which I only have to supply my e-mail to long lost friends and I don’t want to deal with it. Facebook really doesn’t require much it all is optional

In terms of Rdio and music streaming I think the article covers it well and so have you all. These are the things Rdio does well.

Allows one to manage their own communications at whatever personal level they would like.

Gives immediate access to a-lot of music allowing for discovery, but this could be improved.

4 thoughts on “The State of Digital Music: The Rdio Conversations”

  1. Great post and comments!

    Right. So… Is Rdio the Future of Music?

    The problem with these sorts of “x is the future of y” discussions, particularly where technology is concerned, is that x always changes the nature of y. Because of this, you can never quite arrive at point y.

    I see Rdio and it’s ilk bumping into a few issues shortly that run along these lines:

    1) The closer these services get to delivering on the promise of offering “almost everything” in the world of music, the more they will underscore what isn’t offered. Put another way, how much music needs to be available to make up for the fact that what you want to hear right now isn’t?

    2) Part of the appeal of these services lies in the social aspect, which presently is built on the enthusiasm of early adopters and music nerds. The tone and quality of the social interaction will change as more users sign on. Will Rdio still be compelling?

    3) Rdio is presently a novel way of trying to monetize music in a time where monetizing music is difficult. It’s an experiment that is occurring concurrently with other experiments at trying to resuscitate the monetization of music. A verdict will be reached. Recent high profile releases by Coldplay, Black Keys, Tom Waits — to name a few — are not present on Rdio. Presumably this is because posting on streaming services is viewed as possibly undermining the success of other channels, both experimental and traditional. Is this the start of a verdict being reached? Will this assessment be shared by others?

    Just a few thoughts.


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