The State of Digital Music: The Rdio Conversations

My one concern, and perhaps you can share some links/information if you have them, is how the artists actually do get paid by subscription music. I understand it to be something like a penny per listen and as of yet Rdio listens are really not that impressive if you’re counting it in pennies.

I’ve thought about this a little bit. That the $10/month is rigged to the royalty of a listen. So basically Rdio is never in danger of spending all of your $10 to artists if you were to add up the amount of music one is capable of listening to. Not a bad financial model for Rdio. But still not great for artists. And honestly, I just have no need to buy mp3s if I have access to them. That probably doesn’t help artists either. But I’ll still go to shows so I guess that translates?

Maybe we should start a ‘Help the Artist’ thread to hash some of this stuff out. 6 weeks ago

Jason Paul shite, I didn’t know they were doing a family plan. $2 savings is ok I guess. Looks like my wife may be getting her own account. There will be even less minimal techno appearing in my rotation once that happens. 6 weeks ago

CAW a.k.a. The Aquatic Ape And, what’s more, it’ll keep ’em listening legitimately at an age when the lure of youtube listens and pirate-downloads which do nothing to support the artists will be particularly strong. I’m not a big one for backing “The Man” – I’m probably the last to, in fact, as others around here’ll no doubt attest – but I’m really not down with a black-market which keeps artists from even knowing their tunes have been heard. 6 weeks ago

CAW a.k.a. The Aquatic Ape Yeah, but satellite radio is different, Turdish – you can’t control the output like you can with streaming audio. Having reached a point in my life where my kids actually are developing musical minds of their own – and ones which frankly I don’t want associated with me publicly – an extra $13 bucks to get ’em streaming independently (and situated to start accessing cooler stuff as they age) is peanuts. Hell, even in the old days that’d only have been one LP per month. 6 weeks ago

Turdish Burl Would you pay $22 bucks a month for satellite radio? To me that is high considering the likelihood of the average family using enough traffic to make that a better deal than a couple of web subscriptions.

As an aside, I do find it surpising that that royalties are apparently based on plays instead of ((plays / rdio income) * percentage). On that note, there is appears to be spammage going on with fake accounts friending (to presumably promote artists) and no doubt playing tracks as well to inflate the statistics. From dealing with college radio in the past, the royalty system is fixed so I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that is is happening with streaming services as well. . . 6 weeks ago

CAW a.k.a. The Aquatic Ape Hey, has there been public talk about rdio’s new “Family Plan” option and I just missed it? Or is this hot-off-the-presses stuff: add a second-user for unlimited use (app, etc.) for $8 and a third for only $4 more after that. This is a pretty big development in getting the world to move towards a streaming-audio tipping-point, doncha think? 6 weeks ago

CAW a.k.a. The Aquatic Ape That was rich, mm! Funny stuff. 7 weeks ago

maudeman Thanks, BC!

MOG sucks 7 weeks ago

Biker Chick ummm, Maudeman… I will leave this one for you 🙂 7 weeks ago

Jason Paul Anyone use MOG? They’ve got a new desktop app. It’s always up there with the big boys. Is it social?… 7 weeks ago

Jason Paul Leaning back to the Desktop App for Rdio—although I love the iApp—after depth of the deskapp the iPad feels thin. 7 weeks ago

Jason Paul Looks like Facebook might be partnering with Rdio among other music streaming services:… (looks like a big win for Rdio if that’s the case) 2 months ago

Jason Paul I’ll second that @David. Would be really interesting to hear them joust with anyone whose posted to this playlist! 2 months ago

4 thoughts on “The State of Digital Music: The Rdio Conversations”

  1. Great post and comments!

    Right. So… Is Rdio the Future of Music?

    The problem with these sorts of “x is the future of y” discussions, particularly where technology is concerned, is that x always changes the nature of y. Because of this, you can never quite arrive at point y.

    I see Rdio and it’s ilk bumping into a few issues shortly that run along these lines:

    1) The closer these services get to delivering on the promise of offering “almost everything” in the world of music, the more they will underscore what isn’t offered. Put another way, how much music needs to be available to make up for the fact that what you want to hear right now isn’t?

    2) Part of the appeal of these services lies in the social aspect, which presently is built on the enthusiasm of early adopters and music nerds. The tone and quality of the social interaction will change as more users sign on. Will Rdio still be compelling?

    3) Rdio is presently a novel way of trying to monetize music in a time where monetizing music is difficult. It’s an experiment that is occurring concurrently with other experiments at trying to resuscitate the monetization of music. A verdict will be reached. Recent high profile releases by Coldplay, Black Keys, Tom Waits — to name a few — are not present on Rdio. Presumably this is because posting on streaming services is viewed as possibly undermining the success of other channels, both experimental and traditional. Is this the start of a verdict being reached? Will this assessment be shared by others?

    Just a few thoughts.


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