A strange and very New York Day

We’ve been meaning to discipline ourselves to wake up earlier. We work so late into the night that 11am and later has become the norm. I set the alarm today for 9:30. I woke up and went straight to the Twitter thinking that the mental stimulation would be enough to get my day going. It wasn’t. I awoke again at 10:30 disappointed that I couldn’t do it. The first item of business was revising a proposal. Proposals bring a lot of promise. What we’ve realized is that they also monopolize the day. And these are busy days…thus 3am working nights. And here I am again at 2:30am with a plate full of work to do and wishing I could blog more.

There was some curiosity earlier in the day which is not worth writing about except for the fact that it took a bit of our energy before we finally pushed it aside. There was another lead. There was family on vacation calling me to track down Grandpa’s aid to make sure he was ok. Just when we thought we were ready to settle in for the evening and dig in to do some work another phone call. This one more unexpected. Our wedding DJ maestro who we remain in contact with called us up with tickets to see PJ Harvey…tonight. Literally an hour from his call. I’m not familiar with PJ Harvey’s music at all. I some how missed her phenomenon in the 90s and have never caught up. But Ewa had been a fan and had never seen her live. So why not? The tickets were literally wired to me from the DJ’s friend who couldn’t make the show because of some untimely relationship difficulties (I hope this is mended!)

We found ourselves at Terminal 5 where we’d arrived about 20 minutes late for PJs start (we actually didn’t know the start time). One thing I noticed is that she has so many short songs that I probably heard several albums worth of material in the hour we caught of her set. I can’t say I’m won over as a fan but I did enjoy myself. We decided to walk all the way back to the East Side to get some exercise.

As we walked through midtown we noticed that we’re being waved down by a couple. I’m notorious for having street tunnel vision so I didn’t realize until we were much closer that these were good friends of ours N & E (N who I’ve known for a decade and a half since college). We hadn’t seen them since we were partying at another college buddy’s wedding in Rio de Janeiro last November. And what were they doing at that late hour of 11:30pm? N had just left work and E was picking her up. I guess we can’t feel so bad about working late into the night after all. We made it back around midnight in time to shake hands with the security guard closing up for the night.

Now we’re back. Working again. Hoping to wake up at a decent hour tomorrow but you know how it goes.

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