When Google Apps Go Down…

I’ve expressed interest in using a service besides Gmail for my email for awhile now. Today Google apps Gmail went down. That’s the equivalent of a blackout for me. When things like that happen I’m reminded of what I dislike about Google products. I pay for several digital services, hosting comes to mind. The customer service I get for these services is nothing short of spectacular. Even during crippling hosting outages I usually get prompt replies sent by real customer support staff. That kind of service is worth paying for. I would be willing to pay a little something for real customer service for Google products.

Instead what I get with Google products is ads in my email, difficult interfaces to navigate and no clear way to get help when I need it. Every time I want to get a different email client I’m reminded that inspite of the awful interface decisions made on Gmail the actual search technology behind it is second to none. So they’ve got us, ads and all.

Sadly I have no brand loyalty to Google like I probably do to Apple. But the truth is I need it as much as I need Apple. I guess I don’t like being in a position with no alternatives. I hope some clever startup comes up with a better way to do email and blows Gmail out of the water (and soon!)