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My band, Japan Soul, releases debut album Plastic Utopia 4/29, pre-order today

The creative project I’m most excited about at the moment is my band Japan Soul’s debut LP Plastic Utopia created with my bandmates David Rozner and DaVe Lipp. The cover features an amazing painting by my wife and design partner … Continue reading

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Let’s Save Music: Local

There is a familiar malaise amongst music makers. Most of us hold very little hope for a career in music. Maybe it was always too much to hope/dream for. Myself, I can’t help but write songs. It’s an artform I’m … Continue reading

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Jason’s top ten songs of 2011

“Church and Law” — Artist: When Saints Go Machine This band gets top billing for me. I was blown away when I first album. I didn’t really like it at first. But on repeat listens I was infected by it. … Continue reading

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The Future of SoundCloud

(This is my response to the ReadWriteWeb Article Is SoundCloud The Next YouTube? [Interview] which I posted in the Disqus forum of the post and is duplicated here). It’s curious that something like SoundCloud didn’t rise at the same time … Continue reading

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Bad band marketing on Facebook

It is disingenuous to request people to Like or Tweet something before they’ve had a chance to actually experience it. This is a perversion of social media. Continue reading

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The state of digital music (as I see it)

Several months ago I wrote an essay about how I thought Netflix could save music. Since then I’ve become a big believer in subscription music services. I chose Rdio because I liked the design, the social aspect and lack of … Continue reading

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iPad 2 first impressions of a music maker/web developer designer

I managed to acquire the iPad 2 yesterday as Tekserve had the one I wanted in stock (32gig Wifi Only). I’ve had a few key objectives in mind for the device. I want to move the majority of my music … Continue reading

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Beyond Derivative Music

Pop music elitists and pessimists often bemoan that “everything has already been done” with a certain futile resignation. As a maker of music myself I’ve found through process that honest and deliberate imitation often yields new and fresh results. Continue reading

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