The Creators Project, My First-hand Account

(This is my comment on the Creators Project blog regarding the event in Dumbo on Oct. 15, 2011. I’m pasting it on my blog in case they delete my comment.)

I happen to live in the area and got to see a chunk of this without a wristband even though I wasn’t given an RSVP. I have a hard time believing that the RSVPs were given on a first come first serve basis. It appeared to me that half of Willamsburg dumped on my neighborhood. So I’m led to believe that people with WB zip codes were prioritized for wristbands. If I’m wrong please detail how the wristbands were allocated and I’ll take it back.

And one more thing, If Creators Project comes to my neighborhood again please issue automatic wristbands to residents of the neighborhood. Pretty tacky to have to prove where I live to some aggressive security guard when all these hipster 20 year olds are breezing passed while walking around my own streets.

This is year two of the Creators Project. I didn’t get the RSVP last year either and I’m thinking that stinks. I really don’t know what the point of CB is but what you’ve accomplished for me and my friends is negative branding for Vice and Intel. Good job.

Reply Update:

Hey Jason, glad you got to see some things. Actually our RSVP system was set up to distribute tickets at random in order to be as fair as possible. Sorry you experienced some aggression with security, that’s super lame and I will pass on your suggestions for next year.
  • Appreciate the clarification. Pardon me if I’m still suspicious. Are people connected to Vice given first dibs in the random RSVP system? I find it odd that not a single person I know who RSVP’d got a wristband (about 15 people).
  • To elaborate on my suspicion that Vice people got first preference for RSVPs all these twenty year olds were in group clusters of friends The Creaters Project RSVP only allowed for 1 RSVP at a time. Mix that in with a random system that could create a situation where I’m the only one of my friends who gets to go…and I just might not go because of that. I really don’t understand what you guys are doing with the RSVPs and why it’s setup so ineffectively. But an explanation of how it was filled with groups of friends despite a 1 person random system is really what I’m looking for.

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