A few thoughts on the death of Osama Bin Laden

First I’ll begin by quoting a friend from Manila’s Facebook post and my response to it:

americans are terrorists too, like what they did in hiroshima, vietnam, etc etc. fuck america, they put everyone in the world through so much torture, be it something as simple as our dependency towards everything american, and the shit they put out in society and media. most of us just go about everyday lives blinded by american culture and everything to do with it. they have helped create a world that lives in fear. i mean seriously after 9/11 have you ever looked at a middle eastern person the same way … i dno why everyone’s so happy that osama is “dead” … i say he’s still somewhere out there, alive, and laughing at everyone’s stupidity

My Response:

Being an American, a New Yorker and having been in NY on 911, (and having known someone killed in the towers) I’d say for us New Yorkers it’s personal. I’m not so much thinking about the global implications as much as a sense of relief that maybe this decade long nightmare has a conclusion. I’m not one to defend the past sins of America you’ve mentioned or the export of the less noble aspects of our culture. But you have to consider that Bin Laden was absolutely evil and is himself responsible for incurring the (sometimes misguided) wrath of America. If he hadn’t planned the 911 attacks that list of grievances against America might be just a little shorter.

Some other thoughts?

I impulsively tweeted this the moment I heard:

I’m not one to wish death on people. But I’m grateful. Rot in hell asshole. #osamabinladenisdead


And a final thought?

While Bush’s presidency was a series of demoralizing failures for America, Obama’s is a succession of hard won and historic successes.

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