Tidal first impressions

In response to Jay Z’s Tidal music streaming service there’s been some derision in tech and gossip blogs. It certainly did look ridiculous, all those famous musicians in one place, some of them wearing their identity disguising costumes (Daft Punk, Deadmau5). I’d like to learn more about Tidal but I’m going to root for it right now. Tidal has the backing of the most successful artists in the world. While they make an easy target for ridicule, they are where they are because they have loyal fans who will buy their records and go to their shows. I tried to see who is supporting Spotify. I saw that Bono is pro-Spotify in an article but I’m not finding any others. You see a lot of artists NOT supporting Spotify such as Bjork and Taylor Swift. I think for a streaming service to leverage celebrity artist support in such a direct way is a big deal. They can also release music exclusives on Tidal that won’t be anywhere else. I’d bet that hardcore fans, the ones who actually pay, are going to want that access. As a recording artist myself, I’m curious if the streaming payment will be better than other platforms. It’s usually about half a penny for paid-tier streams and dramatically less for ad-supported streams (maybe a tenth of a penny but probably even less than that). Musicians, especially successful ones, know how to connect with people. It’s very possible Jay Z may be on the way to figuring the streaming conundrum out.

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