Trasa Bootstrap Responsive Starter Theme, Based on Twitter Bootstrap 3 and WordPress Twenty Ten

I’m fond of Twitter Bootstrap. I like where Bootstrap 3 is going. I’ve used Twenty Ten as a starter theme for innumerable WordPress websites. Instead of learning the logic of other starter theme developers I’ve decided to go ahead and use my own logic by retrofitting WordPress Twenty Ten with the latest and greatest Twitter Bootstrap 3. My work focuses solely on custom designed/branded themes so I’ve removed all theme options and most of the style rules. I have kept most of the Twenty Ten markup so if you’re like me and very familiar with Twenty Ten HTML you can simply add in your styles and experience deja vu. I made this for myself to streamline my own work, but I imagine there are other designers like myself looking for a blank canvas WordPress starter theme that can tap directly into Twitter Bootstrap 3. You could spend a day making something like this like I did. Or you can download this and let me know how I did.

Download Trasa Bootstrap Version 2.1
Updated 8/6/14: Just swapped in Bootstrap 3.2.0, no other changes.

Old Versions (Don’t use these)
Download Trasa Bootstrap Version 2
Updated 6/20/14: Just swapped in Bootstrap 3.1.1, no other changes.

Download Trasa Bootstrap Version 1.9
Updated 3/13/14: Not exactly sure why I didn’t post 1.7–1.8. Oh well. Made some upgrades. I found a BS3 starter theme that may be better than this one called BST. I borrowed a little CSS from BST for the hover nav. I’m sticking with my own theme because I know it so well and it’s very vanilla/straightforward. A few things about how BST is setup are things I’d never do, not because they’re bad, just because I don’t think that way. I added a few other patches to this version and its running the latest Bootstrap, also calling the newest version of jQuery. I removed some javascript that I have no idea what it was in there for. If you see any bug let me know.

Download Trasa Bootstrap Version 1.6
Updated 12/4/13: Upgraded to Twitter Bootstrap 3.0.2. Implemented Respond.js script (so this will look decent on IE8). A few minor touch ups. Updated the latest Nav Walker file too, but kept my mod to keep hover navigation dropdown menus.

Download Trasa Bootstrap Version 1.5
Updated 9/12/13: Implemented new Walker Dropdown Menu but changed it so it allows clickable Parent Dropdown on hover (this is always a must in sites I make, Bootstrap doesn’t do it this way. If you disagree and think the parent nav of dropdowns should remain unclickable let me know).

Download Trasa Bootstrap Version 1.4
Updated 9/4/13: Finessing of WordPress specific functions (post/archive navigation)

Version 1.3
Updated 9/4/13: Made fully compatible with official Twitter Bootstrap 3 release.

Version 1.2
(upgraded to include additions from latest Twenty Ten 1.6 Upgrade)

Version 1.1

Version 1.0


  1. This is the greatest take on wp and bootstrap 3 I have seen so far. However, I am trying to create a parent theme based on 2013. Can you provide some insight on how you got the dropdown covered in this great piece?

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