Where were you when so and so died?

It seems that I’ve found out about the latest celebrity deaths via a ping from my iPhone or iPad. Amy Winehouse, Steve Jobs and now Whitney Houston. These pings are always immediately followed by a gasp (from myself). I don’t (yet) have a strong opinion about being coldly informed of such tragic events through automated technology. This is just an observation about these cultural touchstones who were also living, breathing people at one time.

How much things have changed in just a few years. At the time Michael Jackson died we were traveling through Malaysia. We were staying in a hostel and for some reason we’d gone to sleep with the (analog) television on. Michael Jackson’s death seeped into my dreams. It wasn’t real. Then I finally did wake up in the middle of the night from the ongoing television news to discover that this nightmare was indeed true. “Heal the world” and local renditions of “You are not alone” colored the remaining 7 months of our trip.


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